postgresql delete duplicated rows

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Deleting duplicates

使用window function row_number 对数据partition


isnp=# create table student (id serial, name text, age int);
isnp=# \d student;
isnp=# with cte as (select *, round(random()*100) as d from generate_series(1,10000) as r) insert into student (name, age)  select 'lmy'||r, d from cte;
### genetate duplicate row
isnp=# insert into student (name, age) select name, age from student where 100<id and id<200; 
isnp=# with xxx (id, name, age, rn)  as (select *, row_number() over(partition by name order by id) rn from student) delete from student where id in (select id from xxx where rn > 1);