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Recently, my product manager requires our team to implement this kind of interactive experience: a rich editor which enables users to insert/delete images and text at anywhere they want. However, almost everyone denies this demand at first, because our time remain is at tension and this kind of demand may cause unpredicted out-of-control.
However, overcoming challenging difficulties is thrilling, isn't it?


There exists other open-source rich editor projects in github, and i did run some of them.

  • One project uses WebView + HTML, the inserted images looks so strange there.
  • One project uses EditText + ImageSpan, maybe it's highly efficiency, but it's not that stable and robust.
  • and so on..

However, most of them are uncomfortable and inconvenient.
I implement this rich editor by using SrollView + LinearLayout. As you know, there may exist many views in this Editor, but you can never doubt that SrollView + LinearLayout could be quite smooth if you deal child-views reasonably.
Besides, LinearLayout could add some special animations when adding/deleting child-views.

captured images

demo apk download

apk download (right in this github project)