Shortcut Collection for Eclipse Java Mars

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This is a shortcut collection for Eclipse Java Mars.

More information:

  • Mars.2 Release 4.5.2

  • PyDev for Eclipse installed

  • Node eclipse git add-on installed

Shortcut List

Function Shortcut
add common block Ctrl + 4
push and commit git Ctrl + #
content assist Alt + /
debug F11
delete line Ctrl + d
delete to end of line Ctrl + Shift + del
execute line in console F2
find next Ctrl + k
next perspective Ctrl + F8
next editor Ctrl + F6
python get definition F3
python show outline Ctrl + o
python run Ctrl + F11
debug step into F5
debug step over F6
debug back to function F7
debug next breakpoint F8

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Weiming Hu